Trivia Australian Pop Music Facts: Top Quiz Questions and Answers


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Australian Pop Culture quiz

Australian Pop Culture Trivia Questions and Answers: Films, Music Quizzes

  1. Question: Which classic Aussie rock band had national and international hits with “Friday on My Mind” and “She’s So Fine”?
    Answer: The Easybeats.
  2. Question: Australia produced the world’s first feature film. What was that film?
    Answer: The Story of Kelly Gang
  3. Question: Name the Aussie guitarist famous for wearing a schoolboy outfit onstage.?
    Answer: Angus Young
  4. Question: Which Olympic Games were held when television was introduced to Australia?
    Answer: Melbourne Olympic Games
  5. Question: What is the stage name of the Aussie country legend who was born David Gordon Kirkpatrick?
    Answer: Slim Dusty
  6. Question: Name two well-known Australian Soap Operas?
    Answer: Neighbours
  7. Question: Which Aussie band shares its name with a swimming stroke?
    Answer: Australian Crawl
  8. Question: Name two well-known Australian Soap Operas?
    Answer: Home and Away
  9. Question: Frogstomp was the first album by which Aussie band?
    Answer: Silverchair
  10. Question: What year did the Beatles tour Australia?
    Answer: 1964
  11. Question: In which Victorian town was Divinyl’s singer Chrissy Amphlett born?
    Answer: Geelong
  12. Question: What was the main driver to encourage Australians to get Pay TV?
    Answer: Sport
  13. Question: What is the subject of Cold Chisel’s Aussie rock classic “Khe Sanh”?
    Answer: the Vietnam War
  14. Question: What was the first sporting event to be broadcast live?
    Answer: Sydney Rugby League Grand Final
  15. Question: Which Aussie band holds the record for playing to the largest crowd ever at a concert in Australia?
    Answer: The Seekers
  16. Question: What is Australia’s highest-grossing film of all time?
    Answer: Crocodile Dundee
  17. Question: Name the Aussie band that sang about “traveling in a fried-out Kombi.”
    Answer: Men at Work
  18. Question: The invention of the car meant more people went to the beach, starting what genre of music?
    Answer: Surf Music
  19. Question: Which singer, now a member of the Australian Music Hall of Fame, was unkindly nicknamed the “Singing Budgie” early in her career?
    Answer: Kylie Minogue
  20. Question: What was the original name of, The Wiggles?
    Answer: The Cockroaches
  21. Question: Name the multitalented Aussie who fronted bands such as The Birthday Party, the Bad Seeds, and The Boys Next Door.
    Answer: Nick Cave
  22. Question: What invention replaced the piano and pianolas in a home?
    Answer: The Radio
  23. Question: Which hugely successful Aussie band received a Grammy for lifetime achievement in 2015?
    Answer: The Bee Gees
  24. Question: Who won the first Melbourne Cup?
    Answer: Archer
  25. Question: The title of Sherbet’s 1976 hit “Howzat” comes from which of these sports?
    Answer: Cricket
  26. Question: Which two Prime Ministers supported the film industry?
    Answer: John Gorton and Gough Whitlam
  27. Question: Rock’n’roll was identified as what kind of music?
    Answer: Rebellious Music
  28. Question: What year did color TV arrive in Australia?
    Answer: 1975

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