Russia Ukraine War LIVE: Russia hurled rockets on Vinitsya, airport destroyed, claimed attack on civilians in Irpin

Now 11 days have passed since the war waged by Russia against Ukraine. The Ukrainian military has so far maintained a standoff for Russia. Ukraine’s attacks on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv and the second largest city Kharkiv by Russia have not dampened the morale of the Ukrainian army, despite killing civilians. Meanwhile, news has come that in Kharkiv, the Ukrainian army retaliated and captured 30 units of Russian equipment. On the other hand, Ukraine is also arranging prisons for the soldiers taken prisoner during the war.

Ukrainian ambassador calls Russia a terrorist country
Ukraine’s ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova, on Sunday called Russia a terrorist state during an interview with Fox News. “It is a terrorist state and we should treat Russia like a terrorist state,” he said. He once again demanded from the US to provide Ukraine with anti-aircraft weapons and other weapons.

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