News from Russia-Ukraine will ever be where these 5 stocks are, sometimes like this


Stock Market Investment Tips: The effect of the fight between Russia-Ukraine is being seen on the stock markets around the world. However, experts still recommend betting on fundamentally strong stocks.

Election results will also have an effect

The eyes of those investing in the stock market will be on the Russia-Ukraine crisis as well as the election results of March 10. The results of the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab, and Manipur will be declared on March 10. Its effect will also be seen on trading in the stock market next week.

where to put money

Many analysts are saying that this is the right time to invest in the stock market, but the question of retail investors is which stocks should be invested in. This is a tough question because investing in fundamentally weak stocks at this time can result in huge losses.


You can invest money in these shares

According to Kishor OSTWAL, CMD, CNI Research Ltd, investing in fundamentally strong stocks proves beneficial in times of turmoil. In this episode, he suggested the names of five such stocks, which can perform well in the coming times. Let’s see the list of those stocks:

1. Tata Power: This stock has remained the favorite of experts this week as well. This is because of the strong fundamentals of this stock. At the time of the closing of the stock market on Friday, the price of a share of Tata Power on NSE was at Rs 221.50.

2. Axis Bank: This share also remains in the top picks. The stock had closed at Rs 713.75 with a red mark on Friday, but experts expect this stock to perform well in the coming times.

3. Tata Motors: This stock has become a favorite pick of experts in the recent past. According to analysts, this stock will give good returns in the long term. The price of this share was on Friday at Rs 418.40.

4. NALCO: Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, the pressure on the price of aluminum has increased. Because of this, the share price of this government company is expected to rise. The price of one share of the company was at Rs 123 on Friday.

5. Bajaj Consumers: The shares of Bajaj Group companies have been known to give good returns to investors. This stock of the consumer electronics segment can become a rocket in the coming days. On Friday, the price of this share was at Rs 162.30.

Apart from these, Ostwal advised betting on stocks like IndusInd Bank, Hindustan Copper, Vipul Organics, GVK Engineering, and Mahindra and Mahindra Finance.


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