Clicker Simulator Codes [ October 2023 ] Boosts, Luck



If you have tried every code of Roblox Clicker Simulator redeem code and looking for a fresh Clicker Simulator code then you are in right place. Here we are going to list the currently active freebie redeem code along with expired code so that you can identify which code you have used in past. Every Clicker Simulator player has maintained their game profile and everyone wants to upgrade their profile by using freebies like Free Boosts & Luck. These codes will get you items such as Free Boosts & Luck and other free items! Redeem these items to get the boost you are looking for to get an edge in Roblox Clicker Simulator.

Clicker Simulator Codes (October 2023)

Clicker Simulator code is usually released every month by the game developer. However, the New redeem code is also available on every update of the game. Players can download and update the latest version of the game from their device Appstore and play store. Users should make sure that their game should be up to date before trying the following Clicker Simulator codes.

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Note: Before proceeding to the codes I requested to the users stay away from the fake website sharing fake codes. Here we only share working and tested Clicker Simulator codes.

Last checked on 28 September 2023……… new codes were found. Thank you for visiting again!

Clicker Simulator Active Codes list

Redeem Codes Description Not Expired Redeem Codes
one hour of six-times hatch c4nugu3ss1t
one hour of two-times currency Scr3tUpd4t3
one-hour of six-times hatch Sn34kP34k
one-hour of six-times hatch TARD15
special event currency CLOV3R
 one-hour of six-times hatch TARD15
one-hour of six-times hatch BACK2FUTURE
one-hour of two-times shiny chance SUPERHATCH
one-hour of two-times luck 1EGGLUCK
1 Hour of Double Shiny 1EGGSHINY
six-times hatch for 30 minutes FRUITJUICE6
one hour of double gems GEMFORFUN
one hour of double luck LUCKYHOUR2
x6 Hatch for 30 Minutes FRUITJUICE6
x6 Hatch for 1 Hour FRUITTY6
x2 Hearts for 1 Hour CURSEDCODE
x2 Luck for 2 Hours LUCKTM
x2 Double Gems for 2 Hours PASTRYGEM
x2 Double Gems for 2 Hours GEMAPPETITE
1 hour 2x Luck JANLUCK
1 hour 6x Hatch Boost FOODIE6
two hours of two times gems GEMOGEM
one hour of two times luck JANFUN
free alien pet ALIENVOX
1 hour 2x Shiny Chance RISENSHINE
30 minutes 6x Hatch SPACEHATCH
1 hour 2x Gems GEMFALLS
1 hour of 2x Luck TRYLUCK
one hour of six times hatch boost NYPLAY
620 like pet 620KLIKES!
30 minutes of two times luck LUCKYBLACK
60 mins of two times luck boost WNTRLUCK
30 mins 6x hatch boost X6HFUNTIME
Bringer of the Black Hole Pet HINT56
30 mins 6x hatch boost solx6
10 minutes 6x Hatch TGIFNOV
gems boost 2GLITCHY
 free pet LIMITEDPET1
30 minutes of 2x Luck hide0luck
fifteen minutes of six time hatch rate 15MWORLD6
Boosts & luck HIDDENX61
Boosts & luck HIDDENX6112
Boosts & luck X6EGGOP
Boosts & luck 550KCODELIKE2
Boosts & luck 525KLIKECODE1
1 hour of double luck boost 325CLICKS2
2 hours of double luck boost twitter100k
2 hours of double luck boost tokcodeluck12
2 hours of double luck boost LIKECLICK12
2 hours of double luck boost 2xlongluck350
1 hour of double luck boost LUCKYCODE21
2 hours of double luck boost 2HR500LIKE
2 hours of double luck boost 2HOUR475LUCK
2 hour 2x Luck Boost CODE500KLUCK
7 hour 2x Luck Boost twitter200kluck
2 hour 2x Luck Boost LUCKY5000


Clicker Simulator Expired Codes list

Code Description Codes List
2 hours of double luck boost 400DOUBLELUCK
1 hour Free Auto-Hatch freeautohatch
1 hour 2x Luck 300DOUBLELUCK
1 hour 2x Shiny Chance 300SHINYCHANCE
 5 hour 2x Luck Boost 50klikes
2022 Champion Pet 2022
2x Luck Boost 1 Hour UPDATE4HYPE
2x Click Boost 1 Hour 10KLikes
free Boost 70KLIKES
3 hour 2x Luck Boost 75KLIKES
 an hour of Auto-Click 100KLIKES
3 hour 2x Luck Boost 125KLUCK
3 hour 2x Click Boost 150KCLICKS
1 hour 2x Luck 175KLIKELUCK
1 hour 2x Shiny Chance 200KLIKECODE
1 hour 2x Shiny Chance 225KLIKECODE
1 hour 2x Click Boost 250KLIKECLICKS
1 hour 2x Shiny Chance 275K2XSHINY
2 hours of auto-hatch FREEAUTOHATCH5
3 hour free Auto-Hatch 20KLIKES
2 hour 2x Luck Boost 30klikes


Why Clicker Simulator Redeem Code Not working?

If you are trying the above codes and your application is not accepting the code this might happened due to several reasons. The common reasons are mentioned below:-

  1. Expired codes: Make sure you are using working redeem codes. In case you are using working codes and the still issue persists then the code might be expired by the developers.
  2. Extra spaces: Make sure you are not selecting the left or right space while copying the code from our website.
  3. Official website: Make sure you are redeeming the code through their official platform Clicker Simulator i.e Official apps and website.
  4. Case Sensitive: Some codes are case-sensitive. Make sure you are trying the mentioned letter case of the codes.
  5. Maximum redemption limit: The new update codes are valid for some time period or until the maximum redemption limit is reached.

How to Redeem Clicker Simulator codes?

To get the benefit of several rewards player needs to redeem the working codes from the following mentioned steps.

  1. Go to Clicker Simulator Game and open the menu
  2. Now At the left of the screen, click on the Twitter icon from the three-line menu icon button.
  3. A new pop-up window will open which asks you for the code.
  4. Enter the code and press the green “confirm” button to claim your reward.
  5. In the final step Enjoy your reward!

In case you are facing any issues or found any code expired, let us know in the comment section, and don’t forget to share our website with your game friends because sharing is caring!


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