Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa Declared State of Emergency from Friday Midnight


On May 05, 2002, Some students of the Inter-University of Sri Lanka protested outside of Parliament in Colombo.  As per the report, the protest was for the resignation of the president and the government for the Economic crisis. Gotabaya Rajapaksa Sri Lankan President declared a state of emergency.

This is not the first time Rajapaksa declared an emergency, On 1st April citizens had done a mass protest opposite his residence. He declared an emergency at that time also and revoked it on 5th April.

Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa declares emergency

The emergency will be effective from Friday midnight. However, there is no end date for the emergency. As per the report, President declared an emergency for public security and to maintain the flow of essential services. However, the people of Sri Lanka said the president announced the emergency because he is afraid to lose his persistent position.

During the daytime, Sri Lankan police also used tear gas and water cannon on the inter-university student who was protesting outside of Parliament. The protest was started by the students on Thursday after a government-backed deputy speaker was elected. Sri Lanka set up an example of the worst economic crisis ever in its history. There is no doubt many neighboring counties like India helping with the fuel, rice, wheat, and other essential service but the crisis still remain.


The State of emergency gives the security forces and the police full control to arbitrarily detain and even arrest local people.


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