Russia Ukraine War Live Updates: Attack on Nuclear Research Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Russian Army fired rockets



Russia Ukraine War LIVE Updates: The Russia-Ukraine war continues on the 11th day. But the situation has not returned to normal. Russia is bombing Ukraine heavily. Many cities have been destroyed. Let us tell you that now the gas supply in Ukraine has also come to a standstill due to Russian attacks. Read every major update related to Russia-Ukraine war here.

Putin told Ukraine responsible to French President

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday. Putin, while talking to the French President, said that Ukraine was responsible for the attack on the Ziporezia nuclear plant. According to reports, Russian President Putin is ready for talks with Ukraine in the presence of a third country.

Russian army fired rockets at the Nuclear Research Center in Kharkiv

There is news of an attack on the Nuclear Research Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The Russian army has attacked the Nuclear Research Center in Kharkiv city. According to Ukrainian media, Russian forces have fired rockets at the Nuclear Research Center.

The work of evacuating people from the Russian attack stopped – Ukraine

Ukraine has alleged that there is continuous firing from Russia. Because of this, the work of evacuating people has to be stopped.


French President Macron talks to Putin

French President Emmanuel Macron has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin amid the ongoing war in Ukraine. The talks between the two leaders lasted for 1 hour 45 minutes. However, no information has been revealed about what happened between the heads of state of the two countries.


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