Dragon Adventures Codes [ March 2024 ] Preset Potions


If you have tried every code of Roblox Dragon Adventures redeem code and looking for a fresh Dragon Adventures code then you are in right place. Here we are going to list the currently active freebie redeem code along with expired code so that you can identify which code you have used in past. Every Dragon Adventures player has maintained their game profile and everyone wants to upgrade their profile by using freebies like Preset Potions, Shuffle Potions. These codes will get you items such as Preset Potions, Shuffle Potions and other free items! Redeem these items to get the boost you are looking for to get an edge in Roblox Dragon Adventures.

Roblox Dragon Adventures Codes (March 2024)

Dragon Adventures code is usually released every month by the game developer. However, the New redeem code is also available on every update of the game. Players can download and update the latest version of the game from their device Appstore and play store. Users should make sure that their game should be up to date before trying the following Dragon Adventures codes.

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Note: Before proceeding to the codes I requested to the users stay away from the fake website sharing fake codes. Here we only share working and tested Dragon Adventures codes.

Last checked on 23 February 2024………..no new codes founds. Thank you for visiting again!

Dragon Adventures Active Codes list

Code Description Codes List
Favorites theme potion and One Million theme potion 2MILLIONFAVOURITES (New)!
JustyBlox Preset Potion JUSTYBLOX
SubRealm Preset Potion AESUBREALM
Fluffy TSG Potion FLUFFY
Shamewing Preset Potion SHAMEWING
Galifran Preset Potion GALIFRAN


Dragon Adventures Expired Codes list

Code Description Codes List
one Hexalios horns HEXALIOS
 250 sun gold SOLSTICE
free rewards easter2023
50 snowflakes winter2022
Pumpkin Seeds HALLOWEEN
3x Color Shuffle Potions MONEY
3x Color Shuffle Potions MILLION
75 Heart Treat HappyValentines
Heart Preset Potion DAValentines
500 Coins Val2020
Free Reward happybdayery
1,000 Coins toxicworld
Radioactive Present Potion Wastel4nd
10 Toxic Waste Wasp
1,000 Coins Toxic
Color Shuffle Potion b0nd
100 Chocolate Eggs Egghunt
Easter Preset Potion HappyEaster
50 Bunnies Bunny
2,500 Coins 20k2020
Color Order Potion NewL0bby
2,500 Coins Questmaster
20 Bananas Milomissions
Golden Bear Plushie SunGod
Lava Preset Potion SunnyDay
5,000 Coins SolarSolstice
50 Pumpkins TASTY
50 Golden Apples Shiny
1 Color Shuffle Potion SPECIAL
50 Crystal Treats HEALING
Ice Crystals SPARKLE
Material Shuffle Potion SHUFFLE
Pumpkins HARVEST
20 Candy Corn SPOOKY
 50 Ghoul Wood GHOULISH
25 Ghost Essence HORROR


 Other’s Dragon Adventures Expired Codes:-

  • Redeem code for 5x Pumpkin Seeds- HARVEST
  • Redeem code for Free Pumpkins- GHOST
  • Redeem code for a Color Shuffle Potion- MAPLE
  • Redeem code for 25 Dragon Revival Hearts- HEARTS
  • Redeem code for Concentrated Poison- SEPTEMBER
  • Redeem code for Dragonfruits- MEAL
  • Redeem code for a Color Shuffle Potion- VOLKUMOS
  • Redeem code for Dragon Breath Healing Potions- HEALTH
  • Redeem code for free Strawberries- YUMMY
  • Redeem code for free Fairy Jars- MAGIC
  • Redeem code for a free Color Shuffle Potion- SUNSHINE
  • Redeem code for a free Dragonscale Bandages- DRAGONSCALE
  • Redeem code for free Grapes- SUMMERTIME
  • Redeem code for free Honeycombs- SWEET
  • Redeem code for a free Material Shuffle Potion- STRIPES
  • Dragon Breath Healing Potions- SUMMER
  • Glowing Mushrooms- GLOWING
  • Juniper Berries- BERRIES
  • Color Shuffle Potion- PHOENIX
  • 50 Meteor Shards- SPACE
  • 50 Carrot Cakes- CARROT
  • 50 Carrot Cakes- HATCH
  • 50 Carrot Cakes- SKYRIX
  • Gemstone Healing Potions- GEMSTONE
  • Material Shuffle Potion- LEPRECHAUN
  • 20 Pumpkin Seeds- PLANTS
  • Dragon Breath Healing Potion- WELLNESS
  • Holo Manta Rays- HOLO
  • Material Shuffle Potion- MIX
  • Crystal Treats- HEALTHY
  • Peach Seeds- DELICIOUS
  • Color Shuffle Potion- VIBRANT
  • 15 Glowing Mushrooms- BRIGHT
  • Max Revive Crystals- REVIVE
  • 9 Onion Seeds- GROW
  • Color Shuffle Potion- HAPPYNEWYEAR
  • Snow Resources- FROSTY
  • 15 Clouds- DREAMS
  • 250 Coins & 15 Peach Seeds- farming
  • Max Revive Crystals- HEALTHY
  • Color Shuffle Potion- NEW
  • Material Shuffle Potion- UI
  • Fairy Jar Resources- GLOWING
  • 30 Bats- CREEPY

Why Dragon Adventures Redeem Code Not working?

If you are trying the above codes and your application is not accepting the code this might happened due to several reasons. The common reasons are mentioned below:-

  1. Expired codes: Make sure you are using working redeem codes. In case you are using working codes and the still issue persists then the code might be expired by the developers.
  2. Extra spaces: Make sure you are not selecting the left or right space while copying the code from our website.
  3. Official website: Make sure you are redeeming the code through their official platform Dragon Adventures i.e Official apps and website.
  4. Case Sensitive: Some codes are case-sensitive. Make sure you are trying the mentioned letter case of the codes.
  5. Maximum redemption limit: The new update codes are valid for some time period or until the maximum redemption limit is reached.

How to Redeem Dragon Adventures codes?

To get the benefit of several rewards player needs to redeem the working codes from the following mentioned steps.

  1. Go to Dragon Adventures Game and open the menu
  2. Now At the bottom-right of the screen, click on the Gift icon button.
  3. A new pop-up window will open which asks you for the code.
  4. Enter the code and press the “Redeem” green button to claim your reward.
  5. In the final step Enjoy your reward!

In case you are facing any issues or found any code expired, let us know in the comment section, and don’t forget to share our website with your game friends because sharing is caring!

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