Best School Prayer Before Class – Easy and Simple Prayer for Students


Nothing could start our School day better than Prayer before class time. With the help of prayer, we get positive energy and we also get courage and motivation to start our day. Making players before classes helps us to connect ourselves with God. We forgot our miserable past and encourage ourselves to move forward and stay positive. There is no particular prayer or line by which you can achieve this unless you speak it with your heart, however, I am sharing the best prayer that you can spell before the class.

Best School Prayer Before Class

Father God,
As we start this new day for new learning, we ask for Your guidance.
Lead us all the way. May You let us see through Your eyes, listen through Your ears, and speak with Your Mouth.
Be with us as we explore the world.
Give us the heart to love and be kind to one another. Please watch over all our teachers, children, and families.

In Jesus’ name. Amen

Dear God,
We thank You for the school that we have.
We pray to You that this may serve as a safe place for all of us to learn, have fun, and build strong friendships.
Thank you to the teachers who teach us.
Thank you for the friends – the people we can learn new things with.
And thank you for the beautiful day you give us to learn, to serve others, and to remember the Truth of Your Glory!
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Heavenly Father and Your Beloved Son Jesus Christ,
Thank you for another life to enjoy, another day to learn, and a new set of things we will experience.
As we go through our lessons today, may let us be instruments to do good things.
Help us be obedient, honest, and kind to one another. Please bless our teachers, our schools, and the students.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.

If you have any prayers that you know please comment down your prayer. If we like your prayer we will update this page and publish your school prayer.


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