Best Clash Royale Decks 2022, Check Top Meta list, Pro player Game Strategy



Here we are going to list the top 5 decks in the clash royale game. We will also tell you why these are strong and how players can play them. Before we proceed, let us share the important information about the clash royale game. It is a battlefield-based game where players need to defend and attack their opponent’s towers. This game needs a few strategies to win the battle. So playing the right deck at the right time is very important to win this game. So if you are interested in knowing the best clash royale decks ever, then keep reading this article.

Top 5 Deck in Clash Royale Game

The list of the best decks is provided below. Here we are listing the names of the best decks selected by pro players. It should be kept in mind these best decks are selected in different circumstances (like opponent strategies, deck selections) so this deck will not make you get a victory guarantee but it will definitely increase the chance of your win percentage. You will also learn the strategy, where, and how you can use these decks during your battle.

Log Bait Deck

This new metal log bait deck is in our 5th number. Deck rascals’ got a buff so they fire faster than ever and the dark goblin does a lot more damage every single card in your deck will bait out your opponent’s spells, so it’s really easy to overwhelm them.


Game Strategy: it is fun to stack up multiple princesses with this deck because there’s dark goblin there’s princess there’s goblin barrel there are rascals he has to log everything and it’s just not possible if you split up your stuff also when you drop rascals in the back and you split it up you’re gonna have the rascal girl going to the left-hand side now after the hit speed buff she actually gets damaged on the tower by herself but when she’s paired with the prince of the prince is tanking that is so much more damage. this deck is beautiful. It’s sensational even later on in a grand challenge, it’s the best log bait deck for a reason. Actually, Mugi used it to win 200000 dollars in the world finals, so you know, the deck that we’re playing against is really solid.

Lava Hound Balloon deck

The fourth best deck on our list is Lava hound Balloon. Before you go in for a lava hound, you can set up a tombstone so you’re covered every single angle if they go in for more bridge bam you shut it down with guards if they go in for a balloon or any air card mega minion has got you covered the skeleton dragons are a really nice addition to this deck because then your opponent’s not able to fireball on top of your mega minion plus lava hound or bounce back your balloon with a fireball so you’re able to get free value so it’s way easier to get close to their tower and get those connections.

Game Strategy: First, try to get a tombstone on the map before you go in for the lava hound. if possible, try to defend with a tombstone on both sides, and then you go for the lava hound, nothing can stop you it’s a beautiful sight to see because mega minion guards they’re allowed to defend against balloons or any bridge spam on the ground with the guards. the best thing about the deck is you’re able to perpetually keep up the offense again these are common things in the top five best decks for me if you’re playing a deck that’s solid on offensive defense then you’re able to get a lot more wins no matter the situation so even if you’re gonna have someone that goes in for a bowler extremely aggressively like that, your mega minion should be able to shut that down the electric dragon it’s not going to do that much damage and the inferno dragon is the only thing that’s scary in this type of matchup, right the inferno dragon locks onto your tower, it can heat things up and sizzle you in seconds.

Lumberjack Balloon Deck

The third best deck on our list is the lumberjack balloon. This lumberjack balloon deck won Mugi 200000$ in the world finals when everything was on the line Mugi used this to win when your lumberjack rages up the balloon and you hold all of your opponent’s units in place with the freeze it’s pretty unfair they can’t really do anything but watch their tower fall and they’ll be super upset after you take a tower it is so easy to defend inferno dragon melts any big tank electro dragon stuns everything you can tornado and freezes to lock down your opponent’s units and make sure they move nowhere real fast it’s just a super solid deck and it’s been strong for every meta so let’s go jump right into a battle and show you one of my favorite decks. If you guys hate playing against bridgebum especially elixir gold players or people that have golem or lava hounds, this is definitely the deck for you.

Game Strategy: One thing that you might not know is if you separate the battle healer from the elixir golem that’s the way that you’re supposed to defend in most scenarios uh with our deck in particular you can just freeze and it’s not that big of an issue but you don’t want the elixir golem to get healed up by the battle healer and if it’s separated you deal with the oyster going blobs first then you’re able to get all the elixir so then you can finish off the rest of the push afterward so it’s just really easy to orchestrate a sequence that way.

Mortar Miner Bait Deck

Mortar Bait deck is the second-best deck in clash row and it is all about playing a low elixir game after you defend with guards or bats or rascals and you counter-push with the miner in the back of the tower, a mortar at the river, and the units counter-pushing in the front you are definitely gonna get a lot of damage with one of them if you’re both at a low elixir count it is impossible for your opponent to defend all angels.

Game Strategy: In this deck mortar already locks onto the tower, so the reason why pro players love it so much. First off, the mortar is great on defense. It defends against hog riders’ balloons and it gives you damage at the same time. So that is a two-for-one value and pro players always want to use their units with the most efficiency. This deck is so much fun to play at the highest level if you’re a better player you would win the game quickly you would be so solid and there’s so much more room to improve and that’s one of the reasons why I enjoy playing this one every single time that I play it I get better when money is on the line a ton of professional players turn to this deck for clutch wins and by far the best deck in clash royale.

Mega Knight Lightning Ram Rider deck

MK Ram Lightning is number 1 in our best deck series. It is extremely unfair if you want to play a deck that will make everyone hate you and pro players complain 24X7. This is it when your opponent tries to break through a ram rider that holds their balloons. Royal giants anything that they push at you in place, or a mega knight that jumps on top of their bridge spam, or an archer queen that goes invisible that they can’t even target. they’re gonna be extremely upset you can build up massive pushes by slow-rolling a mega knight in the back dropping a ram rider and then lightning in any defensive structure or unit that they have in place or you can just win in a single elixir as soon as your opponent makes one slight slip up if you don’t have archer queen or don’t want to run it you can run electro wizard instead but this is by far the best deck.

Game Strategy: This is the best deck in the game and you literally do not have to have a brain to win with this thing, you’ve got mega knight and you’ve got ram rider, so if you hit double elixir and you split lane you’re also going to get value, but the best way of playing this is slow-rolling a mega knight in the back when you’re playing against a control deck-building up a big push with the ram rider lightning in your opponent’s building.


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