Wordle Guide to Reset, Fix and Increase Wordle Streak Today


If you are addicted to the wordle game and want to reset your wordle stats then you are in right place. Here I am going to share tricks and tips on how you can reset or increase the NYT wordle streak without clearing your browser cache and cookies. Many players want to reset their wordle streak due to many reasons like either you might have played terribly in past but now you are playing like a pro or you want to start again with new stats. Stay here because we are going to share pro tips where you can manipulate the wordle timmer, stats, and streak.

NYT Wordle- Stats, Streak Reset/ Increase

wordle stats reset and increase trick and tips

Many of you heard that you can manipulate the New York times wordle by changing the system time. Also if you have done some research before visiting us then you must find out that you can reset your Wordle stats by just clearing your browser caches. However, for some reason, if you do not want to clear your cache then you will definitely find this blog helpful. Here we are sharing a pro tip with you that can increase your streak to maximum and reduce your steak to zero. Also which streaks you can manipulate your stats and other data. Well, it’s time to begin and show your friends your highest streak.

How to increase and reset Wordle streak

The wordle streak is not stored inside the New York server end. All the time, streak and stats data are stored on your local system (Mobile, pc, laptop). You guessed it right, here we are going to share a trick by which you can go inside your local browser memory and manipulate the data. By following the following step you can make a new world record on your device. Even if you moved to your new device/ mobile then still you can get back your stats. Before proceeding if you find our article helpful you can share our trick with your friends and also do not forget to tell us your new wordle streak 🤪 in the comment box.

  1. Open your chrome/Firefox/Safari browser and go to google and search for NYT wordle.
  2. Now go to the official new york times website or just visit the https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html link.
  3. On the Wordle, game page right-click on your mouse and go to the “Inspect” option
  4. Now go to the “Application” Section
  5. On the left side, go to the “Local storage” option and select the “https://www.nytimes.com/” link.
  6. Now you could able to see the key and value table on your screen.
  7. Scroll down and find the “nyt-wordle-statistics” key value in the table.
  8. Now edit the “{“currentStreak“:31,”maxStreak“:31,”guesses”:{“1“:10,”2“:2,”3“:0,”4“:3,”5“:0,”6“:0,”fail”:1},”winPercentage“:94,”gamesPlayed“:16,”gamesWon“:15,”averageGuesses”:2}” value as shown below. It should be not that to make it sensible the user should enter the pratically possible or locial value inside the above parameters. So fill all the options with your calculation so that your friends can believe in your stats. After editing the parameter, now refresh your page and see the magic!
  • CurrentStreak= Current Streak
  • maxStreak= Max Streak
  • winPercentage= Win
  • gamesPlayed= Played
  • To change GUESS DISTRIBUTION, you can change values of 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 values under guesses.

Moreover, you can also check the daily wordle answer to maintain your streak!!

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So if your old streak got disappeared, or stats are not increasing then by following mentioned steps you can get back your old stats also. Comment below if this trick works for you. If you are facing any issues then you can also comment below.




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